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Advanced Nutrition, Genetic Analysis, Weight Management and More

ealth professionals today are being stretched to their limits both professionally and financially. We provide health professionals the ultimate solution, allowing them to offer science-based wellness programs for improving their patients’ health while generating much-needed cash revenue.

Patients will receive s clinical guidance from their trusted health professionals while obtaining nutraceutical, weight management and customized, advanced supplementation products that can only be purchased from health professionals.

With a new cash revenue stream, health professionals are now able to face the challenging financial times with success.

Exclusively for Health Professionals

Advanced Science. Premium Quality. Power of Technology.

Advanced Nutraceuticals

We offer a complete line of advanced nutraceuticals, many of which are available in an isotonic form. Isotonic products are unlike any other nutraceuticals on the market. They do not need lengthy breakdown process before they are absorbed. We choose only the best ingredients for each product. All of our ingredient suppliers are GMP certified or in the process of becoming certified. Our strict quality control process ensures the consistency over time.

Customized Nutrition

In addition to a large variety of off-the-shelve nutraceuticals, you can create your own custom blend to meet the unique needs of your patients. Based the patient's medical history, wellness survey or genetic analysis, you can select the optimal combination of ingredients. Customized websites make all products from your business available directly to your patients. With e-commerce capabilities, your patients can reorder products and services online.

Genetic Analysis

Gain insight into your patients genetics and hot it impacts their health. No longer use a "one size fits all" approach to nutritional supplementation. Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis merges an individual’s diet, lifestyle and environment with their genetic information to provide highly customized supplement regimens. With a customized, comprehensive report for each patient, you will have the tools necessary to motivate your patients to maintain optimal health.

Weight Management

A comprehensive, low-glycemic weight management system that your patients will enjoy and adhere to, TLS® Weight Loss Solution focuses on low-glycemic eating, behavior modification and body composition. TLS Weight Loss Solution provides patient education materials, a daily journal, low-glycemic food options and clinically proven supplements to promote sustainable weight loss. With TLS Weight Loss Solution, your patients can have lifelong success.

Wellness Education

We are committed to your professional education. We provide AMA accredited continuing health professional education in nutrition and nutraceutical applications. Our Wellness Education System is designed to help automate patient education and the doctor-to-patient conversation about wellness. While in the waiting room, patients can learn the science of nutrition and gain the knowledge to empower them in reaching their wellness goals.

Network of Support

Our trained, professional consultants work closely with you and your staff. They provide resources for a smooth implementation of our products and programs in the convenience of your own office. They ensure the continued success of your wellness programs. In addition, you have access to a many online and offline support groups where you can exchange ideas with your peers. The management compensation plan gives you cash rewards for referrals.
Customized Process

Seamlessly Integrate Advanced Nutraceuticals into Your Practice

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We are a group of trained, professional consultants in Southern California. Our passion is to help people achieve optimal health. We believe consumers should have access to healthy living recommendations and wellness products from their trusted health professionals. We help healthcare practices implement custom wellness solutions that benefit their patients and the practice.
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