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hen patients implement a wellness lifestyle, their overall healthcare costs are reduced and their quality of life increases. As a result, health professionals are looking for ways to help improve health outcomes as part of patient population management initiatives.

Bluefire Associates provide credentialed, experienced wellness educators to healthcare practices. Our wellness education programs will help practices improve patient outcome, delivery market-driven services, and increase patient retention as well as practice profitability.

Lena Kian, N.D.

Dr. Lena Kian is a naturopathic doctor licensed in the state of California. She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, known internationally as one of the leading institutions in the field of natural medicine.

Dr. Kian is always enthusiastic about sharing health information. She is an energetic and engaging speaker. She has given lectures on various health topics and has made guest appearances on the Preventive Care Weekly Television show. She believes that given the opportunity and a supportive environment, the body has an incredible ability to heal itself. Just as most professional athletes need a coach to advance, her goal is to empower individuals to achieve their highest health potential.

Dr. Kian’s health and wellness interests include:
  • Diet for Optimum Digestion
  • Stress Management
  • Popular Diets: Which Diet is Right for Me?
  • Why am I tired? Common Causes for Fatigue
  • Weight Loss, Diabetes, and Cholesterol Management

What people are saying about Dr. Kian …
  • "She is a brilliant teacher. She personalizes information so people can easily learn from her."
  • "Dr. Kian is firmly dedicated to patients and educating them."
  • "Dr. Kian is passionate and detail-oriented. Her seminars always went smoothly."

Kristy Urquiza, M.D.

Kristy obtained her medical training as a Primary Care Physician in Mexico. She provided primary care to 3200 patients from new born
to senior citizens. She is now on her way to become a board certified physician in California.
Speaking fluent English and Spanish, Kristy has been a bilingual health educator since 2007. Her audience includes patients from
various healthcare practices and employees from local companies. She provided health-screening services and wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high risk behaviors, encouraging the adoption of habits that are conducive to higher quality of life.

Kristy’s health and wellness interests include:
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Blood Cholesterol, Blood Lipids and Heart Health
  • Melanoma/Skin Cancer
  • First Aid
  • Infectious Diseases

What people are saying about Kristy …
  • "Kristy is extremely knowledgeable. She loves her work."
  • "Kristy is very well spoken. She is a true professional."
  • "Kristy has great dedication to what she does. She is a warm, kind-hearted person who has a lot of patience and compassion for others."

Catherine Slomka, M.S., R.D.

Catherine holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Registered Dietitian in the State of California. She loves educating people on health and wellness. Her passion is to help people get healthy and stay healthy.
As a Registered Dietitian, Catherine has developed menu plans for 23 schools ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She is also an active health and wellness advocate in her community. She feels that many people are misinformed when it comes to diet. She wants to use her knowledge to provide people with science-based nutrition guidance. She regularly gives seminars on nutrition needs, diet choices, and fun recipes.

Catherine’s health and wellness interests include:
  • General Nutrition Education
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Obesity Related Diseases
  • Weight Loss and Athletic Performance
  • Food Allergies
  • Disordered Eatin

What people are saying about Catherine …
  • "She is intelligent, articulate, empathetic, and passionate about health and wellness."
  • "Catherine is a great communicator. She is creative and organized."
  • "She has been an excellent leader and teacher. She simplifies nutrition information to make it easier for people to retain."

Paul Wellin, M.A., CAMT, LFT

Paul has over 15 years of experiences as an integrative massage therapist and healing instructor. He provides massage therapy, health coaching, and yoga therapy for functional symptoms, including pain, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and rehabilitation.
In addition to being a holistic practitioner, Paul has extensive experiences in teaching. He has given numerous seminars and lectures on various health topics, such as weight management, chronic pain, stress reduction, and the psychology of healing. He developed course materials and mentored students at Argosy University, California College, and Meridian School of Massage.

Paul’s health and wellness interests include:
  • Functional Medicine, a Holistic Approach
  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes
  • Finding Balance with Meditation and Breathing Techniques
  • Marriage and Relationship Wellness

What people are saying about Paul …
  • "Paul is very compassionate. He lives a healthy lifestyle. He integrates genuine, meaningful wellness information with real life."
  • "He is not just a good teacher. He is a great listener as well. His lectures are well prepared and packed with information."
  • "He is very knowledgeable. He really makes people feel comfortable."
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