Custom Wellness Solutions for Healthcare Practices
The Process

Supports the Unique Flow of Your Practice

e are a leading force in the healthcare industry, providing wellness solutions through education, weight management, customized nutrition and personalized service. Our customizable process provides a system for health professionals to seamlessly integrate advanced nutraceuticals into their practice.

Your consultant will meet with you and key personnel in your practice during a Discovery Meeting to learn more about your practice goals , and will then help formulate an implementation strategy consisting of the following eight components:

Define Mission and Vision
By developing a mission and vision statement, you assist your staff members, as well as your patients, in understanding why you are offering wellness options in your practice. Your mission and vision will inspire your staff members to actively participate in the wellness programs. When your patients read your mission and vision statement, they know your practice will not only treat their conditions but also improve their well being in the long term.
Identify Program Goals
Program goals include a set of patient conditions that you would like to support with nutritional interventions and your financial goals. The goals give your practice a focus in implementing the wellness programs. Once your consultant identifies the goals you would like to accomplish, they will create a sample business proposal for your practice. This proposal will include preliminary product recommendations to and options to achieve the desired financial goals.
Select Product and Services
Your consultant will suggest products that support the primary conditions identified for many of your patients and will then create customized product offerings to meet the varying needs of your patients by organizing the products into Small, Medium, and Large Product Packages. The focused product selection allows the practice to match both the patient's budget and commitment to wellness. As your wellness program expands, additional products can be included in your regimen.
Solidify Implementation and Marketing Plan
Some practitioners are simply looking to add a high quality multivitamin to their practice, while others have a goal of building up to a fully integrative wellness model complete with medically supervised weight loss programs, patient education seminars, and fully customizable nutrition programs as a cornerstone of their practice. No matter which type of implementation you choose, your consultant will help to break the implementation process into 3 simple phases.
Patient Population Monitoring
Your consultant will help you identify segments of your patient population that can benefit from nutritional supplementation, and will tailor the implementation strategy to best meet their needs. As your wellness program evolves, you can expand the wellness product and services to meet the needs of a larger segment of the population. For example, an orthopedic practice may start with patients with knee discomfort and expand to patients who want to maintain optimal physical conditions.
Patient Engagement
We provide a variety of tools to help you start the wellness engagement as soon as the patient enters your front door. Our Wellness Intake Form helps to initiate a "Wellness Goals Conversation". Patient engagement is enforced through brochures and posters displayed throughout your office. Your staff can create online accounts for patients to reorder products. Patients may also opt-in to receive your wellness email newsletters. At checkout point, your staff provide instruction on how to use the products.
Measuring Outcome
Results tracking is critical to determining how the program is working in your practice. Your consultant will assist you with strategies for tracking patient wellness goal progress. Obtaining feedback from your patients will allow you to make timely adjustment to the programs. Your consultant will also help you analyze the progress for reaching the financial goals of the practice. From the web portal, you can easily view order volumes, patients with autoship orders, and track the financial results.
Growth Initiatives
Your consultant will keep you up-to-date with new products and new programs released. Additionally, as you reach the initial goals that you have set for your practice and your implementation, they will suggest new methods to help you continue to expand the reach of your wellness program into your community, and to further grow your practice to meet your patient and practice goals. When you refer other practices to the program, our compensation plan provides rewarding cash bonuses.
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