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April 26 Thursday
Health Professional Online Summit
Thursday, April 26, 8am – 11am EST
Online Live Event
Featured Speakers:
Deedra R. Mason, ND - Director of Clinical Education & Research
Richard Grifasi, OD - Founder of L'occhio Eyecare-Eyestyle
Sarah Tugender - National Sales Manager
11:15am: Mental Aging Targets
12:15pm: Eye Health: Blue Light Exposure
1:15pm: Adding Medical Weight Loss to Your Practice
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June22 Friday
Health Professional Consultant Training
June 22-24, 2018
North Charleston, SC 29418
Explore a career in wellness through education, clinically supported weight management programs, customized nutrigenomic testing, and personalized nutrition. These programs seamlessly integrate into health professional practices by trained professionals. The consultant training provides comprehensive education that suits all attendees in learning how to successfully design and implement wellness solutions for health care professionals.
Here are a few topics that will be covered during the training:
Understanding the growing needs for wellness care
Supplementation rationale
Understanding products & services offered
Positioning yourself as a wellness consultant
Goals and action planning for success
Setting and conducting appointments
Business proposal development and tools
Implementation procedures
And much, much more! Join us and learn how to change the face of health care, one health professional and one patient at a time.
To register, please contact

Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Therapy
is Changing Healthcare

Treat the Underlying Cause Not Just the Disease
Is Your Practice Healthy?
Medical practices are under pressure on many fronts, including rising business overhead, shrinking reimbursements, and increasing competitions. Many practices are struggling to keep their doors open. As doctors get over burdened by the number of patients, seeing more patients is usually not the answer. Doctors need to work smarter, not harder.
More and More Practices Offer Ancillary Services
According to a Medscape survey, 33% of orthopedic surgeons, 31% of anesthesiologists, 23% of family physicians, 20% of internists, 19% of Ob/Gyns, and 18% of pediatricians offer ancillary services. In addition to boosting revenue, ancillary services can add value to the patients, provide one-stop care, and improve patient outcome.
How to Choose the Right Ancillary Services?
When choosing the ancillary services to offer, the practice needs to find the right fit. Factors for consideration should include setup cost, operating cost, learning curve, revenue potential, patient adoption rate, and regulatory compliance. It pays to conduct a side-by-side analysis of different ancillary services to determine their feasibility.
Cash Pay is No Longer a Strange Idea to Patients
Many wellness services are not covered by insurance. Some practices fear patients are not willing to pay cash. However, as more middle-class Americans adopt high-deductible health plans, patients are getting used to paying cash for medical services. Practices that can take advantage of cash pay will be more likely to thrive in this economy.

The Practices Win. The Doctors Win. The Patients Win.

Custom Wellness Solutions

Turnkey Solutions for

Providing Wellness Care to Your Patients

There is no equipment to buy or inventory to stock. Our wellness solutions can be implemented in a day or several days.
Wellness solutions give you high Return of Investment. There is minimal setup cost. That means you can start generating profit immediately.
Our wellness solutions are based on extensive scientific and clinical research and are supported by a panel of doctors and scientists.
Many of your patients are already seeking wellness solutions on their own. Now you can provide them with professional care.
Whether you are a small practice or a large medical group, our wellness solutions can be customized to fit your unique needs.
We provide marketing materials, consultation, and training to help you and your patients benefit from the wellness solutions.

What the Doctors are Saying

Effective Solutions. Measurable Results. Huge Financial Impact.
Dr. David Redding
It was really quite easy because once I started using the products with my patients the results are there. … In the first 3 months of using the products, I got better results and more testimonials than in 21 years combined as a chiropractor… The results are phenomenal... The financial impact is huge.
Dr. Richard Chemielewski
The body will heal itself if you give it a chance. A lot of patients, unless they have to, don’t want surgery and don’t want prescription. The products give credibility to our practice. We help people and empower the patients. Our patients tell us all the time “I feel so much better.”
Dr. Nancy Starr
I love to educate my patients on wellness and natural solutions, to not only keep their teeth and gum healthy but their whole body healthy. The feedback from my patients have been universally positive. I know they are following the regimen. Because I can see the results during the follow up visits.
Dr. Perry Krichmar
Prevention and wellness is not an option anymore. You cannot practice cardiology or internal medicine today if you are not aligned with a health and wellness company. If your doctor is giving you cholesterol medication, but he’s not paying attention to your nutritional status, he is not doing his job.

We can help you implement turnkey wellness solutions
that benefit your patients and your practice.

Bluefire Associates

We are a group of trained, professional consultants in Southern California. Our passion is to help people achieve optimal health. We believe consumers should have access to healthy living recommendations and wellness products from their trusted health professionals. We help healthcare practices implement custom wellness solutions that benefit their patients and the practice.
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